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What you missed: 2017 Owners Retreat

Pure Michigan. On October 28th and 29th, staffing firm owners and executives converged to New Buffalo, Michigan, nestled on the southern shores of Lake Michigan. Rolling hills, grape fields, fresh air (outside of the casino of course) and plenty of sunshine sketched the setting for this year’s ISSA Owners and Executives Retreat. Fifty strong congregated

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The “Dazzle” of the 2017 Midwest Staffing Conference

The Midwest Staffing Conference has become one of the most significant annual conferences for staffing companies in the Midwest.  Organized by the Illinois Search & Staffing Association (ISSA) in conjunction with the Wisconsin Association of Staffing Services (WASS) the event promises to dazzle even the most discerning of staffing professionals. The event will take place

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5 Ways Candidate Referrals Can Skyrocket Your Staffing Business

By Avionté Staffing Software As a staffing professional, there’s no doubt you welcome any opportunity to boost your business, especially if it keeps your costs down too. The perfect solution may be a candidate referral program. This is a low- to no-cost solution that can produce outstanding results. Here’s how. Candidates do your marketing. A candidate

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